Easy Methods You Can Apply in the Home to Help the Environment


Many of us are concerned about the environment, and end up feeling overwhelmed by all the issues going on and end up thinking there is no way that an individual can make a difference. However, one person can make an awful lot of difference, and can achieve this without having to make too many drastic lifestyle changes.

Below is a short list of easy methods you can begin to apply immediately in your home to help reduce your energy usage and help the environment.

Human power

One of the easiest and most practical things you can start doing immediately is to begin to use more human power in your daily life. Instead of taking your car to the local shops when you only need one or two items, try walking instead. If you only swap the car for your legs a couple of times a week over the year this adds up substantially. Not only are you saving fuel, you are also going to become more healthy and will lose weight.

Walking to local shops saves energy and money

Walking to local shops saves energy and money

If you have a lawnmower that runs on gas, swap it for a manual mower. If this is not practical due to the size of your lawn, for the environment’s sake you should use an electric lawnmower instead.

Switch to LED bulbs

LED light bulbs are very common these days and are becoming cheaper and easier to find. The electric lights in your home can make up around a quarter of your annual electricity consumption, so switching to these low consumption bulbs can make a huge difference on your energy usage and also the money you pay on electricity bills.

The lifespan of an LED bulb is 100,000 hours compared to the 5000 hours you can expect from an incandescent bulb. This equates to 11 years of continuous light, or 22 years if you only have the light on 50 percent of the time. Imagine, if you place an LED bulb in a light socket that is rarely used, it will likely last the rest of your life!

Plug energy leaks

Heating and air conditioning typically make up around 50% of the energy bill each month of a residential home. Plug up energy leaks where heat may be leaving the building. Examples of how you can do this are sealing heat ducts and air vents in the winter time. Not only will this keep your house warmer, it will also save you money and reduce your energy consumption. If you have a small apartment, don’t leave the heating on when you go out. Small spaces heat up quickly, so it should not be necessary.

Garden compost

Instead of sending organic waste to the local council dump within your household rubbish start a compost pile in the garden. The average family household garbage contains around 15% of waste that could be used on a compost heap. If you recycle your organic waste you lower the amount of energy that is being used sending this waste unnecessarily to the council tip. Things such as banana peels, potato skins and grass clippings are ideal to build a compost heap. The compost can then be used to make your plants healthy and strong, which will reduce your need for chemical pesticides or fertilizer.

Rubbish removal services

If you live in a large city, instead of throwing your rubbish in street bins use a rubbish removal service a couple of times a month. Rubbish removal firms will not only take away household rubbish for recycling, they will also take many other items that may be blocking up your property and put it to good use to make more materials, such as old beds and sofas. A rubbish removal company can take away all sorts of items, including construction rubble, garden rubbish, glass, old timber; all can be recycled and put to good use while at the same time making your property a more pleasurable space to live.

Turn off Appliances

When not in use, you should turn off all appliances and lights. This includes the computer! many homes have a desktop computer running 24/7 although it is not in use for much of this time. TVs should also be turned off when you leave the room.

As you can see, these are simple ways that you can begin right now to help save the environment. In addition, you will also be saving yourself money.

Best Type of Luxury Bed

If you are looking for a very comfortable and luxurious bed, there are many to choose from. divan beds (7)One place to start is by looking at the springs inside the mattress. An innerspring mattress will be much softer than other mattresses that incorporate memory foam, latex or air. Innersprings are actually connected into the mattress, making the entire unit much more luxurious.

Luxurious beds are often higher up than regular ones. If you want to have a very luxurious bed, look for one that is thicker, because this means that there is a lot of depth to the mattress itself and in the spring mattress beneath it. A thick mattress is a comfortable one.

A water bed can also be very comfortable. As you lay down on a water bed, the water conforms to the contours of the body easily, and you will feel instantly comfortable. Water beds can be a little expensive, but the luxury is worth it. Find them in a luxury mattress store or online.

Remember, if you suffer from back pain, you will want to have extra support, especially in the upper body where more support is needed. For people who suffer from sciatic pain or general pain in the back, a luxurious bed might actually be a more firm bed.

For the top-of-the-line in luxury beds, consider one that has a remote control where you can change the softness and firmness of the mattress itself. This is also great, because if you sleep with a partner, he or she can change their side of the bed to fit their needs, and if they like it firm and you like it soft, it’s no problem!. Having a bed with adjustments can make sleeping much better. In the end, it comes down to what you need in terms of luxury as an individual. Try out some different mattresses, and see what fits you best!

If you need a new mattress in a hurry, try mattresstime.co.uk, this is a great company that offers a free next day mattresses UK delivery service.

Shopping for Valuable Furniture on the Internet

My sister loves antiques and for many years if she has a free day you will find her antique reproduction (21)wandering around the local second-hand and antique stores in our area. On Sundays she can be found traipsing round car boot sales come rain, wind, or snow, looking for the ultimate antique bargain.

Needless to say, when she got her first computer, eBay quickly became her favourite website, and she would spend hours scouring the listings for a valuable item that may have been marked down and was going for a song. Unfortunately, she was not alone, and competition for valuable antiques online is quite fierce with many collectors going after the same items.

However, recently, she may have a major new discovery, and her latest craze is buying reproduction furniture with restoration options. She took a course last summer in a restoration workshop and now have become quite skilled at restoring antiques and antique reproduction furniture.

Antiques in need of restoration can be found for much cheaper on many websites and also in local stores – and there is not so much competition for them, in fact, my sister made the winning bid on a beautiful reproduction bureau style desk this morning that needs minimal restoration. Once done, she should be able to really sell it at a profit of several hundred pounds.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better For The Home

Electronic CigaretteThe question of why electronic cigarettes work is an interesting one because you have to consider what they set out to achieve. It would be wrong to describe the products as devices with the aim for the user to quit smoking altogether, although various studies in the past have discovered that smoking electronic cigarettes have alleviated the desire to smoke by some users.

Equally, it would be wrong to describe the e-cigs as totally healthy – for instance nicotine can still be present (with the level of the substance determined by the user) and hence the same ‘buzz’ from conventional smoking is still likely to happen, however the electronic cigarettes are certainly able to provide a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. With thousands of chemicals used in their counter-parts eliminated, some of which cause cancer, it is this benefit along with increased financial savings and much better social perception which are the reasons behind the success of the electronic cigarette phenomenon.

Electronic cigarettes work because of these benefits and that is why there is a lot of choice – a quick online search will bring up many electronic cigarette reviews detailing the many products and options available from starter packs through to all sorts fruity flavours!

Do Electronic Cigarettes Smell?

As we all know, traditional tobacco cigarettes are renowned for their unpleasant smell with their smoke clinging to everything in its path. The good news is that this is not the case with electronic cigarettes. There is no tobacco involved in the process as instead vapour is inhaled and exhaled from the filter of the e-cig (this is why this form of smoking is often referred to as vaping). Although a slight odour may be created, this will be very slight, very short-lived and crucially very inoffensive. The vapour will speedily dissipate in the air and unlike the case with traditional smoking there will be no after-effects with hair, clothing and skin remaining unaffected rather than getting caught in the tobacco trap and this time there can be none of those unsightly yellow stains because there are no tar or smoke particles to cause them.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Addictive?

We have already noted that the amount of nicotine contained in the electronic cigarettes, or to be more accurate the cartridges that are used in them, is provided in optional amounts (usually shown in milligrams per millilitre of e-liquid). Nicotine is the alkaloid active ingredient in tobacco and it remains a fact that the stimulant can be highly addictive therefore naturally if the e-cigs contain nicotine, it is possible to become addicted to them. However the majority of companies make nicotine free options readily available and provide a range of tasty alternative flavours. The debate is set to go on.

Building a Garden Aviary

Many homeowners are looking for unusual features to add to their homes, and for those home aviary (41)that also enjoy caring for pets, a garden aviary could be just the thing. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking you just need to bang some boards together – an aviary needs to be carefully planned.

First you need to find the ideal spot. It should be away from drafts, and not too near the road – you don’t want the birds stolen.

The spot you choose should be reasonably sunny spot without overhanging trees that will drop leaves into the cage. Droppings from birds in the trees should also be avoided where possible, so it is better to build a roof for the construction rather than using a part of a tree as shelter.

A perfect spot is usually at the edge of the lawn so you can sunbathe and watch the birds at the same time. You must also be certain you can see the birds from inside the house.

The aviary must be well sheltered from the elements, and if this is the case there will be little requirement for heating, although you should consider it if the winter is very harsh.

You will need to build the aviary from good materials, like purpose designed aviary cage fronts – don’t scrimp here and use chicken wire as you will live to regret it. cage fronts can be purchased online or in local hardware and pet stores.

Although an aviary does require work to build and maintain, the pleasure you will receive from it will make it worth the effort.


Is An Instant Water Heater a Viable Option?

Throughout the day we require hot water for a number of tasks such as taking a shower, instantwaterheaterwashing our hands, doing the dishes and may be washing the odd item of clothing by hand. However there may be a number of hours in succession  that no hot water is required, but with the old system of heating water with a boiler, the water will be heated on and off throughout the day to make sure it is available when it is required. When you think about it, this is a huge waste of energy and for that reason many homeowners are now opting for a tankless instant water heating system that will heat water rapidly whenever it is required.

Another great advantage of instant water heaters is the hot water does not run out. If your hot water is derived from a tank, and another family member has taken a shower or bath, there is a good chance there will not be enough hot water available for a second bath or shower for quite a , up to several hours, until the water has enough time to reheat. This can be quite annoying and you either have to wait for a hot shower or make do with luke warm water.

An instant water heater can lower heating costs and energy usage associated with your hot water bills by as much as 60%, so therefore this is an option that all homeowners should look into.


Why Should You Choose Stoves to Heat Your Home?

There are several different ways to heat your home, you could choose gas, electric, coal

Wood burning stoves throw out a lot of heat

Wood burning stoves throw out a lot of heat

fires, or an increasingly popular choice: stoves. This classic method of heating your home gives you not only a cheap method to generate heat (as many burn not only wood, but multi-fuel types) but also adds a decorative feature to your house and practical value in that they can be used for cooking as well.

There are many different styles of stoves available, from traditional standalone ovens, to built in multipurpose stoves that have a cook top (or hob) separate and built into the counter and use the fuel to heat both oven and hob. Stoves can also run on gas and electric, meaning there are a variety of options you can use to cook and heat your home; with the most popular stove fuel being gas. Gas stoves are particular efficient and let you control the temperature at which you cook at very easily, and give fewer emissions than, for example, a wood burning stove.

Make sure you shop around to find the perfect stove for you, and find a stove that adds not only the practical aspect, but also the aesthetic quality that stoves can bring to the home.

Tips for Decorating Small Rooms

Sometimes we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having a small room and that leads to headaches when thinking about potential decor. We want to present the room in the best possible way; however, we do not want to emphasis the small size. So when it comes to decor, it is important to know what can make the room appear larger than it really is.

Hints for decorating smaller rooms

Always avoid dark colors and patterns. These enclose space, playing a trick on the mind, as the room appears smaller than it really is. Light and plain colors should only be used.

Avoid using wallpaper, even if the color is light. The texture is too heavy for such a small space. Paint those walls and ceiling instead.

Artificial and natural light is great for boasting size. Make as much use of light sources like windows and do not cover them with heavy curtains. If natural light sources are limited, bring in artificial lights.

Furniture needs to double up. For example many beds or settees have storage units underneath, eliminating the need for chests of drawers or extra cupboards. Quality divan beds are a great way to add storage to a room and not only do they offer extra space, they are also one of the most durable and comfortable type of bed.

divan beds (11)Placing mirrors in strategic spots is a great way to create an illusion of space. In a bedroom, opt for full door mirrors on your wardrobe. You can also use this trick on cabinets or tables in the living room. Avoid buying mirrors with large, clunky frames.

Always keep the room free of clutter. Does that shelf of books really need to be on display or can they be stored in a cupboard? All your family pictures should not be placed on the walls. Store them in a photo album instead.

If you are tempted to put carpet down, think again. Light colored hardwood flooring gives an illusion of more space.

Summary – So the main tips for decorating small rooms are to use light colors, avoid heavy objects and keep a room clutter free. Use objects like light and mirrors to create optical illusions on the eye, leading the room to appear bigger than it really is.

Selecting a New Bed

When purchasing new beds for your home, it is important to consider the mattresses that you will buy for that set. It is important to consider where the beds will go, and how tempur (1)often they are going to be used. If it is a guest room, you might want to spend a little less, and go with a mattress that is not as costly; on the other hand, if it is for your master suite, or a room for the kids, you want to spend a little more, and opt for a higher quality, more comfortable mattress and bed set for the rooms.

Depending on how you sleep, firmer or harder mattresses might be a better option; you also have to consider the top names, brand, and quality product lines, to ensure you do choose the right product for your home. With so many options, and since there are so many sizes, and product features to consider, you do have to take the time to compare more than one, and more than one furniture retailer. If you want beds delivered the next day, you will find companies that offer this service online. Doing this will allow home owners to find the best fit, comfort, and style, regardless of the room they are buying the new mattresses for.

Restyling an Empty nest

With our son married and settled in his own home and our daughter now living in a bed sit, we decided it was time to restyle our home. Bearing in mind that we might want to

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace

downsize in a few years time, we opted to keep costs fairly low and avoid any structural changes.

The big kitchen table was exchanged for a smaller one with only two chairs. The added space made the kitchen seem suddenly much bigger. The television was moved into the corner where it is still easy to watch but no longer suitable for Wii games. We found a great selection of electric fireplaces online, and eventually chose a free standing square style. This makes a good centre piece against the wall, but can be moved easily if needed. We kept the larger sofa but replaced the two-seater with a pair of ergonomic reading chairs and a couple of firm square poufs. This gave us space for a larger coffee table.

So far our children’s rooms are much as they left them, however a good deal of the childhood contents have gradually been thrown away. We now feel that we have space and time for ourselves.